Warped Tour Comes To An End After 23 years

On November 15, 2017, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman
had announced that after 23 years the tour would be coming
to an end after one final trek across the US in the summer of
2018. The tour is the longest running music festival in North
America and had launched careers for bands such as BlinkWarped-SimplePlan-452x290
182, Paramore and many others since its inception in 1995.
Over 1,700 bands have graced the stages of the festival over
the last 23 years and fans are eagerly waiting for the band
announcements on March 1st to see if their favourites have
been booked for the final run. There is no word yet if there
will be an annual Kickoff Show and press conference which
was usually held in Los Angeles but ended up at Full Sail

University the last 2 years of the tour. After a few years of
not playing Ventura, California and Toronto, Ontario the tour
will be returning to those cities but it will not be returning to
cities in the Northwest besides Mountain View, California
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Lyman has also hinted at a large celebration in 2019 for the
tours 25th anniversary.

I remember as a kid wishing I could go to the Warped Tour
when it first started out but my parents thought I was too
young to go up to LaSalle Park in Buffalo, New York alone
and they couldn’t take me. In 2001, my luck changed and I
won tickets to go to Warped Tour from the local radio station
WBER 90.5FM and they rented a Greyhound bus to transport
the winners to and from the venue. So early on August 8th,
2001 my mom dropped me off at the station to take the bus
to the show. My website had just started less than 2 months
prior to the show and since we were just starting out we
ended up getting declined to do press on the tour that year.
That did not stop me, I had put some disposable cameras,


notepad and pen in my pockets. I set out to do photos and
write something up for the show despite not being officially
approved. The following year and final year at LaSalle Park, I
returned to the venue this time I had been approved to do
press. Nicole and I left super early in the morning and
before the show we got to sit in the grass by the lake and
saw the sun come up before picking up our credentials. In
later years my friends and I got to travel all around the north
east and up into Canada doing press, helping bands out with
merch and even volunteered at the MySpace table helping
out with meet and greets. All of us at Burning Stars are sad
to hear about the tour coming to an end. Warped Tour was
an inspiration for us to do what we do. We have had some
great memories and experiences working with different
people and making friends over the years. We can’t wait to
see what Kevin Lyman has in store for the future.