The Story About X-Piral

X-Piral were initially shaped in 2000 by Nick Papanikolaou (lead guitars) and Dimitris Marinis (Synth and Piano), which have known each other from past groups. Petros Hatzibiros, companion of them two, was relegated with the beat guitar and Lazaros Damanis the vocals. The primary drummer joins half a month later. Antonis Petridis (700 Machines) was an extremely skilful and specialized drummer.

With this line up, a demo CD was recorded entitled “Flawless Lies”, at Graffiti Studios on February of 2000. Bass was recorded by Nick Papanikolaou as the band didn’t have a bassist around then. The outcome was not fulfilling enough and the CD never got to the general population. Antonis left the band to join 700 Machines as he never truly was into the Heavy-Power metal we were endeavoring to construct, and as we were frustrated from our account endeavor, the band parts up.

The Story About X-Piral

The Story About X-Piral

Following a while, Nick and Dimitris, chose to give it one more attempt, so we continued looking for new individuals to modify the band, this time under the name . Petros took by and by the cadence guitar and the look for a vocalist had started. An old companion of Dimitris, Michael Apostolakis, at last had this spot, with a voice fitted for he band’s melodies, having an odd fierceness, and furthermore high notes which we required.

We began, practicing the tunes from our Demo, with a few changes, first in Nick’s room, until the point when a drummer showed up and we entered the studio. The drummer was Tolis Makrantonakis, who had a past in some known groups in Thesaloniki, and was sufficiently skilful to play the up beat tracks.

The band stayed without a bass player because to busy playing gambling agen judi bola until the point that open doors for live shows showed up and bassist Kostas Liapis joined the gathering. The band gave some live shows for several months, until the point that it was understood that there was sufficient material to begin the accounts for a promo CD, which in the long run ended up being a full introduction collection.

Around then Kostas leaves the band as his melodic introduction was very surprising and he wasn’t fulfilled. The band wished him the best and he separated in a most amicable climate. In the mid year of 2003 the band entered Power Studios, under the direction and support of George Stratakis (Rust), and started accounts.

after 2 months and a while after the drum accounts were finished, Tolis leaves the band This was a somewhat troublesome time as all the monetary weights were set upon 4 individuals. Before long, additionally Petros leaves the band, because of melodic contrasts and the chronicles stop so as to sort out the monetary part.

In October of 2003 the accounts began again until February of 2004, when Dimitris left for thinks about in Italy. Luckily the band had all the ideal opportunity for Nick to record all bass, beat, acoustic and lead guitars and Dimitris to finish consoles chronicles. Amid the a half year that Dimitris was away, a portion of the vocals were recorded however there was no action because of absence of spare time. In the mid year of 2004, Dimitris got back and every one of the vocals were done until the point that September when the band started blending the material.

When everything was relatively completed it was found that another band has copyrighted the name Shadow Play and the band name changed to X-Piral. That was when Giannis Georgopoulos of Burning Star Records reached the band and after talk of 2 weeks, it wound up with an arrangement and an agreement.

In February 2005 Poison Eyes was at last out in the shops. Audits started rising, some great, some awful, yet by and large X-Piral had made a decent access to the music scene. The music of X-Piral was a mix of 80’s Heavy metal with 00’s European Power Metal, likewise highlighting some female vocals, which sounds sufficiently intriguing.

So with new quality and a name to help, X-Piral discovered new individuals, Thanos Tzanetopoulos (Inactive Messiah) on guitars, Makis Petritsis (Wheelrunner) on bass, and Fragisos Samoilis on Drums. Every one of them are committed artists and metalheads, with their own particular impacts, striving to construct the new stable of X-Piral.

Presently X-Piral have relatively completed 12 new tracks to be incorporated into the second collection, and as yet creating more. The melodic heading is more confounded as 6 artists with altogether extraordinary impacts framed these tracks. One can hear Power Metal, Thrash, Rock, Classic Heavy metal, impacts from Finnish scene, Scandinavian, American and this joined with new solid in the instruments. Vocals are not utilizing so much their high notes, which is the most abused capacity of artists, however pack in low and center notes, making it more strong.

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